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Late Nights Minneapolis with Joe Rapp, the Twin Cities only classic “Late Night”-style sketch comedy show, is seeking submissions for additional writing staff and cast members for our 3rd season (June 2017 – May 2018, with shows beginning September 2017).

We are seeking talent with skills in any/all of comedy writing (sketch, stand-up and satire), original character work/impersonations, sketch comedy production and unique talents. As Late Nights Minneapolis is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer, in particular, women, people of color, and/or people with marginalized identities are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you haven’t seen Late Nights Minneapolis and are interested in submitting, we strongly encourage you to come to our next show on Sunday, March 19th at 7:30 p.m. at the Phoenix Theater to get a sense of our style. Preference will be given to talent who pitch specifically for our style and tone, defined by our live, staged presentation of a classic television format; our balance of politics and irreverence; and our engaging interviews with local politicians, artists, and small businesses we collectively support and/or want to explore.



If interested, please submit a writing packet in a .doc* file to containing:


• a short (one paragraph) introduction of yourself. Please include your comedy writing experience and why you’re interested in becoming a writer for Late Nights Minneapolis

• 10 topical Monologue jokes

• 2 completed, original comedic pieces: at least 1 sketch, and your favorite piece of comedy you’ve ever written (sketch or otherwise)**

• 3 pitches specifically for Late Nights Minneapolis: any combination of the following: sketches, audience pieces, original correspondents/characters, in-show games, commercial parodies, and/or desk pieces.***


For inspiration, pitches from our cast that were successful onstage included “Linda, the Porn Intellectual” (character); “John’s Letters From Santa” (desk piece); “80’s Speedboat Detective” (commercial); “Let’s Throw Eggs at Joe While He Reads Poetry” (game), “Real News or Fake News” (game)

*We are asking for .docs specifically because we are seeking to do Blind Submissions.
**This can be new work or old work. These are your sketches; you own them. We just need to see that you can write a variety of material.
***We will not use your ideas without you.

All applications are due by noon on Saturday, April 1st.

Some important notes to consider when submitting include:

-We don’t expect everyone to have experience writing for a Late Night talk show. Therefore, your format is not as important as your content. We do need your submission to be presentable and readable, but don’t worry about formatting perfection. If you are excited by our show and have ideas, PLEASE submit!

-If you have an extra skill that you are able/willing to contribute (video production, makeup, sponsorship outreach, something we haven’t thought of but should have, etc.), PLEASE let us know in your submission. If you have a skill that complements the show, that is a huge bonus!

-We’re still a relatively new show. Don’t be intimidated; don’t hold yourself back. We’re all figuring this out together.

-At this moment this is not a paid position. Like many burgeoning stage shows this is currently a passion project for us all. We believe that all writers should be paid for their work and are aggressively working toward making that a reality.


Thanks for considering! We look forward to reading your packet.


Joe, John, Lauren, Mike, & Ian (Late Nights MPLS)


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